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What is your personality type?

Personality quizzes are important for me as a business coach, consultant and facilitator. It helps me communicate my session, tasks and activities. I use this

Your Balance is Not My Balance

Work life balance is a topic of many discussions. Frankly every time I design a leadership or management program, I get asked to include work

Getting Started with a New Business

Starting a new business means taking on a great deal of responsibility and working tirelessly to make your venture successful. It can be an incredibly

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Science has proven that when we are feeling stuck, we can become increasingly unproductive. Every day can feel like groundhog day, you may feel more anxious than usual, or you’ve lost perspective.

Our process of breaking it down can help you to identify a pathway to move beyond these feelings. We step through the process in the book to allow you to reflect, take action and bring lasting change.

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