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Let’s break it down…

Starting a business is not easy, living through the Ups and Downs of a small business, is even harder.

Put it simply, sometimes we just get stuck

We might get stuck creating new growth.
We might find it hard efficiently managing our staff.
We might be stuck because the times are hard, and we are trading in uncharted waters.

I started Business Consult Group to help small businesses get Unstuck, by Breaking Down the problem and finding the missing piece. That is one role of a good business consultant.
Creating solutions that are not just after the coveted monthly retainer.
Solutions that suit your budget, your pressure points, your circumstances.
And most importantly….your passion

So, if you want a reliable business consultant to help you BREAK IT DOWN, then book a 45 minutes with me. Let’s talk about how we can help you.

Oshi Kirk


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    Raving Customers



    16 total



    Oshi has an unwavering passion for leadership and development...

    …She has the innate ability to take complexed theories and deliver the content in a consumable way. This has made the learning process a breeze for our senior leadership team – who have been raving about Oshi from how well prepared she always is, her creative content and delivery that has made the steep learning curve an achievable hurdle to overcome. This has enabled our leadership team to take learnings and apply it from theory to a practical measurable skillset.

    Her approach to content delivery is only second to her coaching. Oshi’s coaching is refreshing with the ability to adapt to 7 different levels of experience, and her way to approach the same situations and backgrounds was exceptional. Each of our leaders has expressed just how thankful they are for the development they have received while working with Oshi.

    I personally would like to thank Oshi for the tremendous amount of change she has been able to influence in the short amount of time – it’s truly astonishing work she has done for us…

    Shlomi Yoshi Director Forex CT



    Since my earliest involvement with Oshi, I founder her company to be first class...

    …in many ways. Their representation of storage systems products to our mutual customer base has always been fair, courteous and above all, professional in every respect.

    Oshi’s partnership with Storage Ideas is exemplary of a model to which we would like all partnerships to aspire to.

    We would have no hesitation in recommending Oshi Kirk as a business partner and look forward to working with her in the future.

    Robert Bourke Storage Ideas



    We have been hugely impressed by the creativity and energy of Oshi’s team and have really enjoyed working closely with them on our project. ...

    From assisting with initial setup, to staffing and communications, they have been a valuable partner at every step. We look forward to working with BCG in the future.
    David Anderson Kekou



    Having had Oshi and her team on board MHD magazine for over ten years, I was already impressed with the originality and creativity of her campaigns. ...

    Thinking ‘outside the box’, Ms Kirk’s campaigns were constantly evolving to suit the brands she was representing at the time. With this approach, she successfully produced campaigns that assisted the brands she represented, both overseas and locally, and cemented their spot in the Australian market.
    Charles Pauka MHD and TNL News



    Professional Business Consultant Services


    If you are embarking on a new venture and want to know the right steps, a strategic business plan to execute, our business growth consulting team can guide you.


    We have a team of experts in leadership development, with extensive experience guiding and coaching businesses dating back over 16 years.


    In simple terms, a business coach should be a business mentor. Successful business people will usually have a business mentor by their side.

    “When you get stuck, you become increasingly unproductive. Let us help you break it down.” Oshi Kirk

    Strategic Business Planning

    With 3 steps, you start to see results!


    We’ll spend 45 minutes – free of charge – listening to your business vision and decide if we are a good fit to create growth together.


    We will work together to uncover the steps you need to take to transform. Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone?


    Our strategic business consulting sessions will provide actionable steps, so that you can get started on your business growth solution.