Fastest Frustration Diffuser: Break. It. Down.

Science proves that when we are stuck, we lack the motivation required to solve the problem we face. My nine-year-old son has a solution.

A few weeks ago I faced a task that involved mathematical work. Everyone who knows me knows that maths is not my strong suit. So when those familiar feelings of frustration started kicking in, my son approached me and showed me something he had to do for school.

Jesse had been given a task that involved working out large equations using three different techniques, without using a calculator. He had to achieve the same result with all three equations and work out which was the fastest technique. Some were easier than others, but his teacher gave him all the tools to choose the ‘one for him’.

Science proves that when we are stuck, we lack the motivation required to solve the problem we face. As a result, we become increasingly unproductive. When we reach this level of hopelessness, our brains receive a series of signals that are just as uncomfortable as physical pain. These signals can create anxiety and even depression.

If you feel like you are not up for the task, cannot handle the job given to you, or simply can’t solve a specific problem then try to:


Speak to your community — it could be your manager, your colleagues or a friend. Address the issue straight away — ask for help, clarifications or tools to complete your task. Because nodding and giving the signal that you understand (when you don’t) will leave you alone — which is not where you want to be.

good business consultant can help break it down from a removed perspective.

Asking doesn’t make you weak.

— it gives you strength by providing answers.

Take a deep breath and break it down. Doing so calmly will help you to better understand the problem you face.

If you are a business owner and you feel that life is catching up with you, that you don’t have enough hours in the day or that your business is stuck in a never-ending ‘Ground Hog Day’, STOP. Take a deep breath and call for help. There is a wealth of resources available to you — resources which will help both you and the people who rely on you for guidance.


At Business Consult Group we offer programs that empower your team, support and develop your leaders and help your sales team get ‘unstuck’. As a business owner and workplace assessor for over 14 years, my programs are based on the experience of ‘walking in your shoes’ rather than imagining what are you going through.

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