Let’s break it down…

Our mission is to uncomplicate coaching and consulting. Make learning accessible to everyone that needs to get unstuck, and improve skills so they can reach their full potential regardless of their budget or professional capacity.

We strongly believe that every problem has a solution, but only if you are committed to the process of finding it – because Breaking it Down is the only way to fixing the broken cog.

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What our clients are saying

Thanks so much to Oshi and the team at Business Consult Group,

Always there with great advice and mentoring which has helped myself so often.
No matter my question or concern, Oshi tells me how it is and gives me the confidence to move forward! Keep up the great work.

Adrian Walsh VP Business Development, Interiors Aeroservices P/L

Oshi’s approach to content delivery is only second to her coaching. Oshi coaching is refreshing with the ability to adapt to 7 different levels of experience, ways to approach the same situations and backgrounds was exceptional. Each of our leaders has expressed just how thankful they are for the development that they have received while working with Oshi.

Shlomi Yoshi Forex

You were able to quickly identify my style of management and the inherent problems that style faces when dealing with various types of employee. It was the live coaching assisting with real-world issues that were most impressive.  Having someone of your calibre apply their substantial management experience to the conflicts and performance issues facing my team is still yielding benefits to this day.

I am looking forwards to seeing you again soon.

Ben Esler 

I can’t believe twelve months have now passed since completing the course! Looking back, I can appreciate the training more now than ever. It was an excellent opportunity to refine current skills whilst opening my mind to new ideas and strategies.  Your style made the experience enjoyable, a little confronting at times but challenged me to be a better leader. The training was always relevant, practical and relaxed.

Jarrod Poupard

We have been hugely impressed by the creativity and energy of Oshi’s team and have really enjoyed working closely with them on our project.
From assisting with initial setup to staffing and communications, they have been a valuable partner at every step. We look forward to working with BCG in the future.

David Anderson Kekou

I want to take the time to thank you and acknowledge your skilful work. I was very impressed by your professional advice and assistance.  You were very punctual and always made yourself available to assist. You have been an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Melussa Sandona 1300TEMPFENCE

Having had Oshi Kirk and her team on board MHD magazine for over ten years, I was always impressed with the originality and creativity of her campaigns. Thinking ‘outside the box’, Ms Kirk’s campaigns were continually evolving to suit the brands she was representing at the time.

Charles Pauka Intermedia Group

Oshi is an amazing person, I’m so glad I have the honour to know her, she’s a born leader, and she taught me how to think like a leader to change the world for the better.
Thanks, Oshi!!

Almog Goldstein

“When you get stuck, you become increasingly unproductive. Let us help you break it down.” Oshi Kirk

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Our 3 promises to you

1. We won’t lock you into a long contract.

We are here to support you at every stage of your journey, but we’re not going to force you to continue working with us. We work on a month by month rolling basis, because we’re confident that you’ll feel the benefits of working together.

2. We’ll always tell it to you straight.

Our founder Oshi’s early age military background, embedded leadership and work ethics that are evidential in her coaching style. As a result, you can always expect the blunt and honest truth. We won’t pander to your ego, but give you a balanced and useful perspective on how to move forward successfully.

3. Your progress is our priority.

We work with our clients to help them progress in their problem areas and find results whatever their budget or professional credentials. It’s not about vanity metrics for us – it’s about forming a great coaching relationship and guiding you to success

“We think, mistakenly, that success is the result of the amount of time we put in at work, instead of the quality of time we put on it.” Ric Charlesworth Hockey Coach