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Tailored Leadership Development

Business coaching and leadership development sessions through Business Consult Group are hands-on. Our training or consulting is both interactive and engaging. The first step will involve a deep dive to address your levels of capacity and your main business concerns. From there, we find the solutions and provide the experience to develop your strategies.

Our business or leadership coaching sessions are guaranteed to be colorful and participatory, without the use of screen time. No two are the same, and every meeting is proactive.

Developing better leaders is our passion.

Engage in capacity building, real life leadership coaching sessions.

Enhance your communication, conflict management, planning and overall leadership skills

Leave each leadership development session with solutions

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Our Leadership Coaching Session

What makes our business consulting and training unique, is Oshi’s ability to have tough conversations. We only take clients who can handle honest interactions! As this is how you will have the strength to transform. Business or leadership coaching programs involve various capacity-building activities, designed to enhance leadership, management, sales, communications and conflict resolution abilities.

Lasting Leadership Development

Clients will work in real-life scenarios as opposed to hypothetical ones. So, our coaching does the same. You and / or your staff will leave our leadership coaching sessions with strategic plans of attack and solutions to take well into the future. We will provide you with full reporting on findings, actionable items and future recommendations. You will also leave with a course handbook and a direct line to the facilitator, or business mentor, for future communications.

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Forex CT

Our team worked with senior management of Forex CT for more than six months on a leadership development model with fantastic results. They were evident immediately after the initial training program and subsequent coaching sessions.

Oshi’s biggest challenge was adjusting a program that could be adopted to the multiple layers of seniority and expertise within the group. She then followed up with coaching sessions that benefited the team in both group and one-on-one format.

The team saw a transformation in morale, communications between one another and resolution to conflict. This resulted in a strategic plan of attack for the business for 2019. She then helped them implement this plan effectively.

They responded well to the challenge of tough conversations to create positive shifts in the team along with the unique deliverance of the coaching sessions without the use of traditional Power points with interactive and fun games.

“A learning curve is essential to growth.”
Tammy Bjelland