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You know that feeling when something is missing, or when you are feeling stuck and frustrated?

It might be because you don’t hit targets, your team is not performing at their best, or you simply cannot get the business moving the way you had envisioned.

A business mentor will make you step outside of your comfort zone
Develop a strategy to reach business and personal success
Be supported throughout your journey with dedicated executive business coaching

Business Coaching

The first step we take is to get to know you better, through that journey we will assess where / what broken cog is slowing your machine down. We will diagnose that “stuck feeling” – find out what it really is, and then prepare a program that will break it all down and move forward.

Science has proven that when you get stuck, you become increasingly unproductive. Our job is to break the walls, assess the pressure points, and tackle the concerns to develop skills that will get you to the other side stronger.

Our programs are tailored to your working style and your situation to yield results faster! So, if you want to be a better communicator, a better leader, or get your business hitting targets again, we will be there every step of the way. You can hear another voice, a different perspective, and get to the other side with conviction.

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Science has proven that when we are feeling stuck, we can become increasingly unproductive. Every day can feel like groundhog day, you may feel more anxious than usual, or you’ve lost perspective.

Our process of breaking it down can help you to identify a pathway to move beyond these feelings. We step through the process in the book to allow you to reflect, take action and bring lasting change.

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The Challenge
Oshi’s biggest challenge was adjusting a program that could be adopted to the multiple layers of seniority and expertise within the group. Her follow up executive coaching sessions benefited the team in both group and one-on-one formats.
The team saw a transformation in morale. Communications between one another and resolution to conflict improved. This resulted in a strategic plan of attack for the business the 2019 year.
The Execution
Their leadership team responded well to the challenge of tough conversations to create positive shifts in their group mindset. The unique deliverance of the coaching sessions were provided without the use of traditional Power points. They included interactive and fun games, and role playing potential conversations and decision making processes.
The Result
This type of business mentoring or executive level coaching is a joy for us and can help your business create and meet tangible goals.