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If you follow social media, you can see a pattern – you can literally recognise the cookie approach take, which makes a lot of ads look very similar these days. Yet saying that, the retainers with agencies are getting higher and higher.


No more cookie-cutter approach, we get to know you and your goals.

Market Research

Understand your point of difference in the market etc.

Branding & Collateral

Create manuals, logo design, and logo package – find the right name to include all versions of the logo.

Web Design and Development

Combining creativity with highly methodical, user-friendly approaches to design, our developers will ensure your website is one that perfectly encapsulates your brand and excites the customers.

Social Media Marketing

Forward-thinking, a creative-minded social media strategy that achieves results.

Paid Media

Harness the power and revenue potential with our genius Google Ads campaigns.


Robust data-driven SEO strategy to catapult your website’s prominence online.

Email Marketing

Forge strong relationships with your audience as they become loyal to your brand.


B2B marketing strategy specialists with growth-driven solutions.B2C marketing campaigns with real-time data and insights for better ROI.

At BCG together with our sister company Light Forest, we would love to get to know you first, what makes you tick, what is the passion that makes you get up every morning, what do you want to do now, but most importantly what are your dreams for the next 10 years.

Once we have got to know you – we will start building.

It is time to build a relationship with your clients and to create a multi-channel strategy based on where you need to be visible. We will start small, going through a testing phase until we are ready to scale up.

How do we scale up?

Firstly, we observe the performance of our assumptions and A/B test responses. Then we turn it up.


Our strategy will build a long-time solution revolving around building a strong brand, nurture leads, the acquisition, and retention. Our BCG team will be able to observe the performance of the funnels created.

We will recommend the platforms, tailor the budget and creatives, and at the end of the day work towards a goal of making you a ‘’household name’’.

We can do so by creating your assets: website, logo, creatives, and other crucial collateral. So you have ONE voice consistent across all platforms and client communication.

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Science has proven that when we are feeling stuck, we can become increasingly unproductive. Every day can feel like groundhog day, you may feel more anxious than usual, or you’ve lost perspective.

Our process of breaking it down can help you to identify a pathway to move beyond these feelings. We step through the process in the book to allow you to reflect, take action and bring lasting change.

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