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Why Am I Passionate About Training

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Training is both an investment in personal and professional development, and a contributor towards stronger business performance and productivity. Of all employers, 41% provided structured training for their staff (ABS statistics) which explains why the survival rate and staff retention in businesses in Australia are quite gloomy.

Tailored Leadership Development

Engage in capacity building, real-life leadership coaching sessions.

Enhance your communication, conflict management, planning and overall leadership skills
Leave each leadership development session with solutions

Skilled team = strong brand

Promoting a salesperson to a sales manager, without tools to manage will set them up to fail, and with that, your sales team targets will decline.

Appointing customer service staff with no experience or “smile in their voice” will make acquisition impossible and might even dilute all the hard work performed by your sales team and retention will take a hit.

If you feel like there is some negativity in the office or within some communications that only take place behind closed doors, then it is time to learn conflict resolution and have those tough conversations.

The point is, your team doesn’t know what they don’t learn and your team is the key to taking your business to the next level. So, let’s give them some tools to succeed.

We will evaluate the skills required and build a program to suit your people and your budget since no two companies are the same. At BCG we are going back to basics, no more Powerpoint presentations and mindless videos on “how to”. We engage in a conversation and together build the skills in the classroom, using coloured paper and avoiding tech, because frankly, I think we all have enough screen time as it is. In our sessions, we are always mindful of creating team-building experiences, through activities and games.

Some call it facilitating, others call it training; I like to call it a reminder because we often just forget. We are reminded of the impact of our words, reminded how to resolve a conflict, or what it means to delegate correctly. It is time to create great leaders and not just appoint managers, so you can take that time off knowing your team is kicking goals.

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Science has proven that when we are feeling stuck, we can become increasingly unproductive. Every day can feel like groundhog day, you may feel more anxious than usual, or you’ve lost perspective.

Our process of breaking it down can help you to identify a pathway to move beyond these feelings. We step through the process in the book to allow you to reflect, take action and bring lasting change.

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