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I’m pleased to say that I’ve worked with many successful tech companies throughout my professional career. However, like many of the Gen X’ers, learning new technology does not come naturally to me.

What if I’m not ‘tech’ enough?

This is 100% OK.  And in many ways, it’s more beneficial as my focus is implementing the visionary side of my business.  It’s working on aspects of the business that include:

  • Establishing the client acquisition and retention strategies
  • Implementing smooth onboarding processes, and
  • Delivering the customer experience measures.

The tech team will continue to build and create code that delivers a strong product.

For a business to be successful, this integration is needed between individuals and teams that have unique skill sets.

Using colour to visualise ideas

Sometimes, in fact on many occasions,  a colored  sticky wall provides a bigger picture!

You could call it a vertical mind map, allowing a focus on a process that needs to be streamlined, depicting a workflow, the creation of course modules, or even helping clients with job descriptions.

This colour visualisation really works for me as it immediately exposes the gaps, shortfalls, and the specific area where a link may be missing.

Before trusting my team with translating my mind map to a technical solution or to a tech presentation, I lean back to have another look, invite others to add another perspective, or adjust the gaps.

Teamwork uses everyone’s skills.

As screens, programs and devices continue to evolve into today’s world, walking around and using colours on the walls may be a dying art.  But like me, some of my clients, and other small business owners, share the same tech concerns. Particularly with multi-generational family businesses where the founders still actively contribute.

So, for your next presentation, team meeting or strategy session, bring the people together, stick up some notes, draw on flip chart and measure the reaction of the team, or your classroom or your clients. Bring a little human element to the process.

Some people will immediately connect. Some people may still prefer the screen as it speaks their language. But let’s create opportunities for everyone to contribute in a way that comes best for them.

Bring some colour back into your life.

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