Want to start a new business but not sure where to start?

Need to validate your business idea, but cannot afford a consultant or market research?

Did you know...

A significant portion of businesses fail to reach their second or third-year anniversary, often due to a common mistake – hastily investing funds in elements such as:

I want you to STOP!!!

Take a deep breath and ask yourself a few crucial questions:

1. What type of business suits me best?

2. Why am I starting now?

3. Do I know enough about the market I am about to jump into?


Let's cut to the chase

We all want to make money, but there are crucial steps you need to take to set strong foundations, so you can celebrate those business anniversaries and live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.
You really need to ask yourself…
How much it will cost you if you don’t start right??

To start the right way, validate your idea, conduct your own market research and set strong foundations.

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This program will take you approximately 6 weeks to complete

Complete the course at your own pace at any time

Unlimited email support as required throughout the course

You will:

…And gain access to an interview with the owner of CFS Logistics. You will hear the steps he took to become one of the largest companies in his niche, and what he had to go through to get the financial freedom he now has.

Start Up Start Right

Valued at over $2,100 + GST.

You will receive lifetime access and all downloadable material is yours to own.


One Time Payment

Our Start Up Start Right course is yours for just $97.50 + GST.

Start Up Start Right

This program will take you 6 weeks to complete, and the outcomes will help you set strong foundations to be able to jump into your new business with clarity and eyes wide open.

Start Up Start Right Introduction


2-1: Validate Your Idea: Introduction

2-2: Validate Your Idea

2-3: Validate Your Idea Slides

2-4: Validate Your Idea Worksheet

3-1: DIY Focus Group: Introduction

3-2: DIY Focus Group

3-3: DIY Focus Group Slides

3-4: DIY Focus Group Worksheets

4-1: Introduction: Digital Audit

4-2: Digital Audit

4-3: Digital Audit Slides

4-4: Digital Audit Worksheet

6-1: Conclusion

7-1: Interview with Justin Docherty, CFS Logistics CEO

A1-1: Business Plan Slides

A1-2: Business Plan Worksheet

A2-1: Business Strategy Video

A2-2: Business Strategy Slides

A2-3: Business Strategy Downloadable

A3-1: What’s My Name Slides

A3-2: What’s My Name Worksheet

A4-1: Product & Services Audit Video

A4-2: Product & Services Audit Slides

A4-3: Product & Services Worksheet

About this course

From the very first meeting, we just clicked.

I knew that we needed Oshi to assist us with our business.

We have worked with others, and Business Consult Group is by far the best.

They take a different approach to the standard coaching methods others offer.

In a short amount of time, we have gained so much not only in our business but on a personal level as well.

Oshi is extremely knowledgeable and motivates the entire team.

Corinna Humphrey
Team Titan Engineering

Oshi Kirk is a seasoned entrepreneur with a proven track record of building successful businesses for nearly two decades. She's the founder and director of Business Consult Group, a company that helps others achieve the same level of success.

Passionate about empowering small and medium-sized Australian businesses, Oshi is on a mission to improve their survival rates. She’s determined to shake things up and bring about positive change in the business landscape. Oshi also has a knack for leadership and coaching, especially when it comes to supporting high-achieving individuals in reaching new heights and finding true fulfilment.

With her wealth of experience, Oshi has become a trusted facilitator, coach, and business consultant. If you’re seeking guidance or assistance in any of these areas, don’t hesitate to connect with Oshi. Change doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time and commitment to break old habits and embrace new approaches. But with Oshi’s support, you can achieve lasting transformation.

Click the link to engage with Oshi and start your journey toward success.

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