What is the Cost of Failing to Develop Your Managers?

The cost of not developing your managers can be vast! We can take it for granted that our managers are excelling and getting the best from our staff, but this is not always the case.

You might have spotted some tell-tale signs in your business. These include, a lack of morale, poor productivity and often, accountability concerns. 

It’s my experience that managers with little to no training struggle to lead their teams well. Subsequently, this can lead to problems such as:

1. Reduced efficiency

A lack of good leadership can lead to low productivity and staff efficiency. After all, if staff have unclear goals and a lack of purpose, this can lead to low morale and disengagement from the business. 

Good leadership is essential to inspire your employees and build high-performing teams. Ensure your managers are equipped to lead well with ongoing training.

2. Tasks taking longer than they should

A great manager should have a 360-degree view of their team’s business area. They should know each team member’s key tasks and KPIs and be able to delegate roles and responsibilities to stay on top of workflows.

Consequently, if they haven’t, this can lead to inefficiencies and reduced staff productivity, damaging your bottom line. Make sure your managers know how to delegate and manage time effectively.

3. Lack of healthy communication leads to negativity

Good communication is essential to your business – I can’t stress this enough. 

Poor communication can lead to a lack of transparency, gossip, rumour-mongering, dissatisfaction and mistrust in your leadership, management and the business. 

Don’t turn a blind eye to training this essential skill. Clear, consistent communication is key. 

4. A revolving door of staff comings and goings

If your workplace morale and culture are low due to poor management, you may soon be spending more time sourcing and training staff due to high turnover.

Don’t let your business suffer from a revolving door mentality and protect your brand. Start by ensuring your managers are sufficiently trained to guide, lead and inspire your staff.

5. Managers don’t take ownership and become disenfranchised

Furthermore, you might find that if managers are left to their own devices, they may lose motivation and become less invested in your business. This lack of accountability can affect your staff and lead to a toxic workplace culture. 

Inspire your managers to treat your business as if it is their own and give them reasons to invest in its success. This will go a long way to better staff performance and morale.

6. A culture of carelessness reaches customers and weakens the brand

Sloppy management and inefficiencies can lead to less-than-ideal quality products and services reaching your customers. 

If this happens, negative perception and customer reviews will inevitably follow and weaken your standing in the marketplace. To avoid this, take steps to avoid this from occurring by maintaining a well-run, positive workplace and investing in your manager’s skills.

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So, now you know the cost of failing to develop your managers, contact us to book a time to learn about our tailored leadership program for groups or individuals. 


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