Why Most Good Employees Leave

Most managers have never been taught how to develop their people. In the current business climate, with its brutal hours and aggressive markets, a precedent is often created that can be damaging for most business. This can lead to a higher than usual employee turnover. What is worse is that you might end up loosing staff that are highly valuable to your business.

From my experience, most managers are concerned about their department’s turnover rather than the people who help to achieve it.

Or, they simply have no people-development skills since they have been hired to manage, not to teach. At times, managers can be dismissive and refuse to listen to their staff, even in face-to-face encounters.

These people then quit and you are left stunned, and have no answers as to why.

So, Why Are You Experiencing a High Employee Turnover?

Job Suitability

Identifying the right employee for the correct position is essential.

In small to medium businesses where there is a need for “all- rounders”, or there is a hole to plug, some employees find themselves doing jobs that don’t suit their skill set.

Job Description

If you hire a person without a clear and accurate job description you are seriously setting them to fail, how do you know they reached KPI’s? Is it possible that you are expecting too much without telling them what their actual job description is? You simply cannot just wing it with employees, good direction and leadership will help them reach great heights.


High achievers in a business are quite often given more and more of the workload. This can be damaging. Unreasonable work load and hours create a burnt-out employee along with the feeling they are being used — a combination that can be fatal for their future employment within your company.

Talent Not Engaged

Gifted employees will constantly try improving procedures and practically everything else they might engage with. Giving them the platform to discuss their suggestions might improve the business, as well as secure a creative employee. Letting them learn from their own mistakes is equally as important (assuming their ideas won’t damage your business).

Broken Promises

Simple: don’t make promises you can’t keep. As a manager or business owner, reneging on your word creates all sorts of trust issues that can quickly turn ugly.


I touched on earlier but it is the most important! Some of the best ideas come from employees. Don’t be dismissive. It is so important to discuss, brainstorm and allow your employees to think outside the box.

Trust me they will feel like a real part of the business and most importantly potentially improve the overall success of the company.


Give your employees all the tools they require to achieve the best possible results by constantly refreshing and developing their skills. Leadership development training is seen as a key element of staff retention.

No Reward

Rewards are not only financial. Actions go a long way. It cannot be emphasised enough how far an encouraging word, or a ‘pat on the back’, can go to help boost morale.

At the end of the day, it is all about how inspired the employees are by their manager or owner. They are working for you, but if you wish to have a successful business, you need to cater for your employees to the best of your ability.

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