What is your personality type?

Business Consult Group

Personality quizzes are important for me as a business coach, consultant and facilitator. It helps me communicate my session, tasks and activities. I use this information to deliver my lessons in a way that will resonate with that personality.  What do I mean by that? If a certain persona is data and numbers-driven, then I […]

7 Warning Signs Your Business Might Be Stuck and How to Break It Down

7 Warning Signs Your Business Might Be Stuck & How to Break It Down

Running a business can be both exhilarating and challenging. However, sometimes, your business might start to feel stuck, hindering its growth and potential.  Recognising these warning signs early on means you can put processes in place to get things moving again. Here are seven signs to watch out for and also the steps you can […]

Don’t let money burn a hole in your pocket!

The phrase “don’t let money burn a hole in your pocket” is a cautionary reminder for businesses to exercise prudence and strategic decision-making when managing money and profits in their business. While taking profits out of the business for private use is the very reason for creating your own business, some factors require further consideration. […]

What Is The Difference Between A Coach & Consultant?

Business Coach versus Business Consultant

A business coach and a business consultant can help business owners and leaders improve their businesses. However, they approach the task in different ways. A business coach typically focuses on improving the skills, mindset, and performance of the business owner or executive. Their goal is to help them become a more effective leader. They may […]

What is a USP and Why Your Company Needs to Have One

A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is a statement that identifies what sets a company, product, or service apart from its competitors. It’s a unique benefit or advantage that a business offers to its customers that they can’t get from anyone else. It helps companies to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace. Lastly, it can be […]

Your Balance is Not My Balance

Work life balance is a topic of many discussions. Frankly every time I design a leadership or management program, I get asked to include work life balance as a module.  Quite often I decline for two important reasons: Firstly, your idea of balance is not my idea of balance, so which one should I talk […]

How to Reduce Costs, Improve Efficiency and Streamline Operations of a Business

Running a successful business involves not only generating revenue, but also managing costs and maximising efficiency. If you’re looking for ways to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and streamline processes, below are some strategies that can help.  Evaluating processes and finding solutions for cost reduction requires focusing on some key areas: Have you matched the right […]

Getting Started with a New Business

Starting a new business means taking on a great deal of responsibility and working tirelessly to make your venture successful. It can be an incredibly rewarding experience. However, it also comes with a number of challenges that require patience, dedication, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Must Wear Many Hats To begin with, you must wear many […]