Starting a Business Can Be Lonely

You have a great idea, you start developing it and think you have a clear view of the path you want to follow, but sometimes you get stuck. It could be because you didn’t realise that the journey would be so long and stressful. You didn’t realise that no matter what…


Fastest Frustration Diffuser: Break. It. Down.

Science proves that when we are stuck, we lack the motivation required to solve the problem we face. My nine-year-old son has a solution… A few weeks ago I faced a task that involved mathematical work. Everyone who knows me knows that maths is not my strong suit, so…

Still looking for a magic formula to make your business successful?

I would love to tell you that only a few years ago I was living in a one-bedroom apartment, that I was struggling to support my family, and that I was living from day to day — but, that now I have the winning formula, a magical one, and I can show you how you can earn…


“No!” to “Yes!” People

Starting a business is not easy and there are some characteristics we all need to work on as owners. When you start a new venture, leave your ego at the door – for business owners who hire, fire, and rule with egos is a recipe for disaster. I know there are many…

How to charge your worth

Why is it so hard for some people to charge their worth? This is something I’ve seen a lot over the last 16 years of helping businesses grow — where people find it particularly hard to demand, charge, or discuss their value. The most implausible part is that most of…

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Science has proven that when we are feeling stuck, we can become increasingly unproductive. Every day can feel like groundhog day, you may feel more anxious than usual, or you’ve lost perspective.

Our process of breaking it down can help you to identify a pathway to move beyond these feelings. We step through the process in the book to allow you to reflect, take action and bring lasting change.

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